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Beauty From Within

A friend of mine, Michelle has created an incredible program in Edmonton called “Beauty From Within”. Over a period of a few weeks, she works with a group of teen girls to boost their self-esteem and together they explore the art of self-expression through play, communication, faith, and positive thought.  Through their faith in God, the girls are empowered to be exactly who they are and embrace their beauty that comes from within.  What an amazing program, the world needs more wonderful people like Michelle!

I jumped at the opportunity to photograph the Beauty From Within group after a day of hair and makeup services done by the fabulous staff at the Beauty Lounge in downtown Edmonton (a gorgeous salon with the best ambiance. I seriously want to live in their salon). I was so excited to photograph each girl who greeted me with the most dazzling smile and fun energy!  Beautiful Venue + Stunning Full-of-Life Girls = Amazing Day!

In a world where the media glamorizes beauty that just isn’t real with airbrushed magazine covers and digitally manipulated ads, it can be challenging to impart the knowledge that beauty comes from within and to embrace who you are with confidence. One of the girls asked me if I airbrush the photos like they do in the magazines, and I replied “Why mess with perfection? You are beautiful exactly as you are.  I wouldn’t change a thing.”

With the permission of their parents, here is a sneak peek of each beautiful girl.

beauty2-024 web

beauty2-053 web

beauty2-032 web

beauty2-051 web

beauty2-073 web

beauty2-059 web

beauty2-102 web

beauty2-111 web

beauty2-143 web

beauty2-124 web

beauty2-151 web

beauty2-172 web

beauty2-192 web

beauty2-174 web

beauty2-220 web

beauty2-241 web

beauty2-280 web

beauty2-259 web

beauty2-292 web

beauty2-317 web

beauty2-351 web

beauty2-324 web

beauty2-376 web

Thank you to each of you girls who allowed me to capture your inner & outer beauty. You are perfect exactly as you are.


  • Tawny robertson

    Beautiful girls, tears in my eyes, they couldn’t have picked a better photographer to capture the beauty each of these girls so clearly have! A day these girls will surely cherish for life! <3

  • beautyfromwithingirl

    Hi Christine!
    My picture is the 5th set. I really love it! This was such a great day! I look forward to getting some of these back!

  • Jodi

    In each picture, the eyes shine! A reflection of inner beauty…and the wonderful ability of a photographer focused on what is important. Thank you, Christine!!!

  • Michelle Buckle

    Christine…you have a Gift and are truly blessed by God. Thank-you for your authenticity and generosity towards this project! You always manage to reach the girls at their core and capture their true “Beauty From Within”. Thank-you My Friend…Thank-YOU!

  • Sharon

    What lovely photographs. the Ladies look so natural in their poses and their makeup looks young and fresh, I especially love the grins. They look confident and happy.

    Don’t know much about photograph other than what I see. But I suspect that it is an art to capture just the right shot from each subject and to light them so warmly – awesome.

    Nice furniture/fixtures for the set and the backdrop.

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