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Christmas Miracle

In November, I met with the G. Family to take maternity photos as they anxiously awaited their newest arrival.  Jody’s due date was in January, but Tony told me

to expect to come photograph their arrival around December 15th.  His prediction was right on!  Little miss Hailey was born on December 15th.

This morning as I arrived at their home, Tony proudly met me at the door with Hailey nestled in his arms and a huge smile on his face.  It was déjà vu!  Hailey is the spitting image of her sister Sierra when she was a newborn. Click HERE to see for yourself.

Sierra is full of kisses and love for her sister.  They make an adorable pair don’t they?

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While Hailey took a feeding break with Mom, Sierra sat on the floor with her Dad as they opened day 18 of her advent calendar.  As she reached for her chocolate, she did a quick fake like she was going to take the first bite; however, she reserved that precious first bite for her Daddy. So sweet.

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So let me introduce you to Miss Hailey at three days old…making her arrival into the world three weeks early!  After she was born, they realized there was a true knot in the cord. Hailey, you truly are a Christmas Miracle.  Welcome to the world beautiful, you have been born into a family full of love and warmth. Lucky girl 🙂

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Congratulations and Merry Christmas. You are so blessed. Thank you for allowing me to capture your miracle.


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