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The G. Family’s Connection

Meet the G. Family…who are soon going to welcome another baby into their family. They are a family full of love, patience, and respect. I love taking their photos. Their connection is always so visible and we are so comfortable with one another.

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I have had the pleasure of taking photos of the G. Family many times now.  So much so, that they can read me!  I was setting up the following series of shots and asked if they could move to the driveway as I loved the texture of the stone.  Tony sat down and said “Do you want us to sit or stand” to which I said “Which ever you prefer”. He quickly followed with “You wanted us to stand, I can read you now!”  Ha!  I’m glad he chose to sit as I love how these photos turned out.

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7-209 web

7-232 web

Sierra has the bluest eyes, she’s so adorable.

7-322 web

She also has a new pooch!  I loved that he jumped into the frame in this photo…totally not planned.

7-356 web

7-394 web

Since the time Sierra was born, she sucked on her two fingers.  These are details that need to be captured so they will be remembered.

7-435 web

7-460r web

7-533 web

7-543 web

7-555 web

7-570 web

7-575 web

7-600 web

7-637 web

7-643 web

7-652 web

7-657 web

Thank you for inviting me out to your home.

I can not wait to meet your miracle, and I’m sure Sierra will be an amazing little playmate.  Hmmm…will baby be a boy or girl, that is the question!


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