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Sweet Love for a Little Girl

It was only a month ago when I took pictures of a beautiful couple who were filled with excitement and anticipation for life’s next amazing step.

They welcomed into the world a beautiful baby girl just a few days ago…Miss. Shyanne (who, by the way, is already a Colts fan)!  She’s ready and outfitted to watch her first game on Sunday. 🙂

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When they asked me to take pictures when she arrived, I knew I wanted to visit their beautiful home for the session.  When the day of the session finally arrived, I made my way to their house thinking of all the images I wanted to capture. When I walked into the front doors, I was immediately overwhelmed by the love I witnessed.  They are completely head over heels in love with Shyanne, but they are also so thankful and amazed by the miracle that is Shyanne.  Any preconceived images I had in my mind, went out the door and I just clicked away as I watched their devotion for their perfect little miracle.  The session was two hours of adoration and the awe that comes when you witness a new life. The session just evolved so naturally…complete with this little moment with their original baby Duke.

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2-325bw web

Shyanne is one loved little girl.  Her parents can’t get enough of her.  Mom told me that Dad is a natural with babies, and he’s a baby whisperer.  I suggested he offer his baby whispering services to others, he could call it “Little Manny”.  ha!

Seriously though, it was a true honour to be a part of these moments we captured together. Thank you so much.

2-033bw web

2-238bw web

When I was taking this picture above, she whispered to Shyanne “Do you know how precious you are?”  I teared up behind my lens. It was so beautiful.

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2-060 web

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Congratulations! She is simply amazing.


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