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Char & Barry’s Connection

Oh how I love capturing the love and connection between couples.

Meet Char and Barry.

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I feel very fortunate to have been asked to capture their amazing connection, especially at this important stage in their lives.  In a few weeks (or less) they will be parents and I know they will give the same unlimited amount of love to their little girl as they have for one another.  They are such a fun couple.  If you were to pass by either of them, they would most certainly be wearing a smile.  There is nothing better in a marriage then when you can make one another laugh on a daily basis, and Char and Barry have found that.  That’s the foundation for a lifetime of happiness my friends. 🙂

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After the session, Barry said to me… “Isn’t my wife the most beautiful woman in the world”.  Yes, she is.

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The way they look at one another makes the heart full. Love, love, love.

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As I was following them to the location Char had chosen with the help of her Dad, I saw this amazing old shed in the middle of a wheat field. I actually said out loud “please be the location” and wouldn’t you know it, it was.  I am in love with old buildings and fields ready for harvest.  Char told me this old shed was one that her Dad used to play in as a child.  Amazing!

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Congratulations my friends!  I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby girl!


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