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Meet Hubert.

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Hubert moved from Jamaica to Canada on June 25th, 1995. He told me that before moving to Canada, someone told him that Canadian winters are cold…like the inside of a fridge kind of cold. He quickly learned that Canadian winters have to be experienced to get the full effect of just how cold it really is here!  My hubby and I had the opportunity to visit Jamaica this past April.  We immediately fell in love with Jamaica.  I was so taken with the people of Jamaica. They are so friendly and have such amazing spirits.  Hubert is no exception.  He’s got this laid-back, welcoming, kind spirit that immediately put me at ease.  He has a smile and laugh that just makes you smile and laugh right along with him.  I had a great time taking pictures of him.

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Hubert met his Wife Michelle a few years after moving to Canada and they have been married for almost 6 years (but together much longer).  Michelle is of Jamaican parentage but was born in England and moved to Canada where she grew up.   They say your heart lies where your home is, but after spending time with the two of them, I can tell you that their hearts also lie within one another.  They have a fun, flirty, loving connection.

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Along with his adoration and love  for Michelle, Hubert also loves golf and his BMW.

Nice ride “Sugar” (after trying a few different words, I found that “sugar” worked best to get a smile out of him.)

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