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Couples Negril, Jamaica Part two

A follow up from my first post about our time at “Couples Negril” in beautiful Jamaica.  You know when someone returns from a trip and they invite you over for a slide-show of pictures complete with stories for each one?  I’ve become that girl, only I’ll use this blog so you don’t even have to pretend to be listening to me if you don’t want to… 😉  I can’t help it, I’ve spent many months in a sea of white snow so seeing colour was mighty delicious.  I took so many pictures!  Every where I looked there were so many interesting lines, tones, colours, and character.   There was joy to my right, peace to my left, and love all around.

Jam__116bw web

This group of men had so much character! They played during supper time with so much joy, and you couldn’t help but smile through every song they played.

Jam__107r web

In the morning, I would go sit on our little terrace and enjoy the yummy golden light of the morning while listening to the soft waves from the ocean.  Here’s some views that were only steps from our little terrace.

Jam__028r web

IMG_4419r web

IMG_4427r web

This is a lime tree.  The staff would come every morning to pick limes to add to the drinks.

IMG_4723r web

One morning a nice grounds keeper named Aaron asked if I wanted to try some coconut milk.  After nodding yes (while sporting sticky-uppy morning hair I might add) he climbed a tree and brought me a coconut.    He quickly whipped out his pocket knife and expertly cut away at the coconut until there was a nice little hole to sip the milk through a straw.  It was refreshing and sweet.  Little tip for future visitors to the resort: if you take your coconut to the bar, they will fill it with coconut Rum…Yummmm.

Jam__037r web

Jam__043r web

On our third day there, my hubby and I booked Swedish couple’s massages.  We chose to have our massages in the Tree House with views and sounds of the ocean.  I’ve secretly always wanted a tree house (as kids my little sister and I spent countless hours trying to build our own…it was pathetic) so the ambiance was greatly appreciated even though I had my relaxed eyes closed for most of it!  🙂

Jam__198r web

Jam__029r web

On the first day I walked by this tree stump, it was just a tree stump.  It magically grew a face by the next day.

IMG_3854r web

This was another favourite view.

Jam__228r web

Jam__058r web

Jam__091r web

Mmmmmm…food.  There’s a reason I returned home and wasn’t hungry for days.

Jam__168r web

Another view of the stair case I fell in love with.  Love, love, love the lines.

IMG_4222r web

IMG_4025r web

IMG_4027r web

IMG_3915r web

One of the resort photographers who, if I remember correctly, told me she has been a resort photographer for over 15 years…now that’s a good gig!  🙂

Jam__063r web

Part of the all-inclusive package included at Couples Negril resort is the option to go on water excursions.  We booked the glass-bottom boat tour which was really interesting.

IMG_4319r web

IMG_4289r web

They took us to a choral reef which you can also visit via scuba diving (next trip we will scuba for sure).

IMG_4276r web

Do you see the goat in the window?  A 1/2 hour later when our boat traveled by again he was still in the window.

On our last night we booked a Catamaran excursion….a.k.a the “Booze Cruise”.  One rum punch will have you giggling if you can get through the initial sip.  Two rum punches will have you seeing double, and the third will knock you on your tanned tush.

IMG_4442r web

I asked our bartender for the trip if I could take his picture and this is what he did.  Then he admired my hubby’s “Canadian” hat.  My hubby gave it to him.  I hope he wears it!

IMG_4613r web

IMG_4574r web

The boat stopped so we could swim into these caves or take a ride down the water slide on the boat.  For a small fee, you could climb up and jump from the top of the caves into the crystal clear waters below. I was not so brave.  See the splash to the right in the picture below?  I guess someone took the plunge, but I missed it.

IMG_4537r web

Jam__279r web

I had hoped to see someone getting married at the resort.  As we were sitting on the wicker swing awaiting our taxi to take us to the airport to fly home, I looked down and there they were…a bride and groom just married.  Love, love, love.

IMG_4820r web

This was the last picture I took.  The sun was setting as the airplane took off to return home.  The bright sunset shone through the plane window.  Ahhhhh…it was a great vacation.  Have you booked your trip yet?


  • Theresa

    The resort should be paying you commission for all the bookings they are going to get from you! I want to go!!!
    So beautiful 🙂
    Glad you guys had the chance to get a way together and had such a wonderful time ! 🙂

  • Katie

    These are absolutely fantastic pictures! I have been to Couples Negril once and am set to go back in a couple of months. You captured the true essence of the place. Helping me get through a bad day at work! You should go to Couples San Souci if you haven’t been. Great picture opportunities there.

  • Steve G.

    Christine I love your pictures and wish I had your talent to do CSA, the CN sister resort in Negril, justice. Our hearts long for our next trip back home which will sadly be in December, 2011. Thank you for bringing back such awesome memories of our Jamaican trips.

  • ChristineH

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. I now know why there are so many returning guests to Couples Resorts. We can’t wait to go back! 🙂

  • Tracy Moch

    Thank you for sharing your photos. They are amazing, so beautiful. My husband and I are going to CN in June for our 5 year anniversary and we can’t wait!

  • Becky Bailey

    Oh I am so excited!! Going to CN in two days time with the love of my life! I just know it is going to be fantastic. The pictures are brilliant, I love the idea of a chocolate fondue at sunset. I am going to check out the wedding packages and hopefully go back in 2012 to get married there. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures xx

  • Clint Cole

    Wow, your pictures were amazing! It brought back some awesome memories for me! We were in CN last December. Being from Alberta, Stony Plain actually. We so loved the warmth of Jamaica and the people! We have already rebooked to go back this December, but this time CSA. I do beleive we will become people that bounce between CN and CSA. As the beach and people in Negril are like no other!

    Thanks again for the great pics!


  • tami

    I have been to couples many times and your pictures are by far the best I have seen. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of the bride and groom–I think that one is probably better than any of their pictures! I just love the candid pictures…thanks for sharing!

  • Cathy Davis

    Awesome pictures of a wonderful place that’s been in our hearts for the past 11 years! Couples Negril is truly paradise found!

  • Susan

    Thank you so much for posting such amazing photos! I had tears in my eyes because the images you captured made me miss CN so much! We went to CN for the first time in March, were married there, and cannot wait to return for our anniversary next March. I remember Sheryl’s sweet smile (didn’t know she had a signature drink- next time!) and Charles had just started at CN a couple of days before we left! CN = Bliss!

  • April

    Your pictures are beautiful! Each one has so much meaning. They had me in tears, really. I am so excited and your pictures had me feeling like I was already there with my new husband. Thank you so much for sharing! They should ask you to do the next brochure. I hope my pictures are half as good as yours….

  • Jamie

    WONDERFUL pictures!!! WOW!!! I’ve replayed them again and again…I see something new each time! I love candid pictures…so natural and true! Thank you for taking the time and sharing your AWESOME gift!!! We are getting married in 2011 at Couples Isle Tower…now I’m wondering if we should change to Negril? LOL 😉 When are you planning to return? 2011 maybe? We’d love to employ your services!!!

  • Don Merkel

    Men in first pic L>R Kirk aka Captain Kirk, Duane, Sammule aka Bushmon and seatted Mr. Chambers aka BB King together thier
    BB King and the Westeners
    nice shots

  • Sue Dionne

    Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. We also spent a glorious week at CN from April 14 thru 21. We enjoyed it so much that we have already booked for this Dec. We have finially found a place that we feel at home! Thanks again for your photos. There are things I saw in them that I missed in April. I will surely find them in Dec. As a fellow Canadian all I can say is with our winters we look forward to a little fun in the sun!

  • Denise

    Beautiful pictures! We just got home last night, but our minds + spirit are still in Jamaica! We love the warmth of the people,air and water, the greenery and bounty of fresh produce and the freedom to just be ! Your pictures capture it all we will be back!

  • ashley Doyle

    Are you Christine the photographer cause those pictures are really good. Getting married in Aug at Swept Away.

  • Christine Hopaluk

    Yes, that’s me Ashley! I’ve received your e-mail, I am e-mailing you back right now!
    Thanks for your lovely comments everyone!
    Tracy, Happy Anniversary!

    Becky, I hope your trip was amazing. I hope you do get married there, what an amazing location!

    Clint, hello Alberta neighbour! finally we have some warmth to Alberta. I agree with your comments about the people of Jamaica…amazing!

    Tami: Thank you! I can see why you keep going back to Couples.

    Cathy: 11 years?! That’s awesome! We can’t wait to go back!

    Susan: Yes, you must order Sheryl’s signature drink. So yummy! Congrats on your wedding!

    April: thank you so much for your kind comments. You are going soon to Couples? Have a great trip! I’m jealous!

    Jamie: I love candid pictures too, they are my favorite by far. Congrats on your wedding! I don’t know when we are planning a trip back, but I can do destination weddings if you are interested! 🙂

    Don: thanks for adding their names!

    Sue: It does feel like home doesn’t it? Have fun exploring in December 🙂 So lucky to leave the snow behind!

    Denise: I remember feeling a sense of sadness when we got home because everything was so magical there…good news is, it’s there just waiting our return! 🙂

  • Dawn Page

    I came across your pictures while on the Couples message board. The photos were just breathtaking! I was surprised and overjoyed to see that that newly married couple that you photographed was my husband and myself! We had the perfect wedding in Negril and all of your photos brought back such great memories for us! Thank you for sharing!

  • L.Pierre

    Beautiful Pictures! We have been to Montego Bay but not Negril. You have definately convinced me, it is a gorgeous place to visit.Headed there for our anniversary.


  • Lynn Owen

    I can’t tell you how much my wife and I have enjoyed your photos.
    You have captured the pure essence of Jamaica..its people. We have been vacationing at Couples resorts since 2004 and next March we travel to Sans Souci for out seventh trip to that beautiful island. But what we are so excited about at the moment is that next week we are traveling to you’re part of the world. We leave for Calgery Aug. 4 then on to Waterton park, Banff and Jasper. We can’t wait to see Canada and her beautiful Rocky Mountains.
    Once again, you have a beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing.

    Lynn & Kathy
    Memphis, TN USA

  • Caitlin

    Hi Christine!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures! Can I ask you when you want to jamaica?? I am trying to plan a trip with my boyfriend but I can only go in late november.


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