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Welcome Home “Couples Negril” Jamaica

“Welcome Home”…that’s what they said to my hubby and I as we stepped out of the taxi after arriving at “Couples Negril” in Negril, Jamaica (thank you Mom and Dad Hopaluk for entertaining our kids! Love you!).  Negril boasts of 7 miles of white sandy heavenly beaches.  The resort, staff, and views exceeded any expectations we had.





Several times during our vacation, I was overwhelmed by waves of happy.  The sort of happy that happens when you wake up as a kid on Christmas morning.  I would be sitting on my beach chair, drink in hand, soaking up the sights and sounds that is uniquely Jamaican and then I would be hit: whooooaaaa what was that? Extreme Happiness my friends.  That’s extremely awesome.

What struck me most about Jamaica (besides the white sand, ocean of blue and green, flowy palm trees & the sounds of the steel drums wafting through the air) was the people of Jamaica.  They are cool.  For real. The are happy, chill, laid back.  No problem. Ya mon! The staff at “Couples Negril” are beyond amazing. They are beautiful, personable, kind, and interesting.  They smile A LOT…both when no one’s looking and when you are .

It was magical. You must go to “Couples Negril”, but just with your significant other.  No going with other couples. Just the two of you. Your heart will beat to the rhythm of the steel drums, and you will most definitely catch yourself smiling when no one is looking.

Click HERE for the link to “Couples Negril” all inclusive Resort and book yourself a little trip!

In the mean time, here’s some photos to enjoy.  If you can’t be there, the next best thing is to transport yourself through photography.  As I was taking these pictures, my main goal was to find the best way to bring the feeling of Jamaica home to my friends and family. One Love.

IMG_4216r web

IMG_4683r web

IMG_4077r web

IMG_4373r web

One of the bartenders Carrie made the BEST Mojitos 🙂  I wish I had taken a good picture of Carrie, but on the night I had many mojitos, I wasn’t so good with my camera settings and I embraced the blur.

romance web

IMG_3817r web

IMG_4218r web

Jam__016r web

IMG_4578r web

IMG_4580r web

Jam__238r web

Jam__132r web

Jam__157r web

Jam__153r web

Jam__149r web

Jam__074r web

This is Amanda. She is such a beauty and her smile lit up the room.  She travels over 2 hours everyday to get to work. They are very lucky to have her working at their resort.

Jam__185r web

This is Davia.  She’s a delightful woman who flips a mean Omelette.

Jam__082r web

This is Kesia. She is super friendly and is always smiling.

IMG_4704r web

I don’t know these dude’s names, but they were happy to let me take their picture 🙂

IMG_4700r web

This is Sheryl.  She has her own special drink called the “Sheryl Special”.  I can’t tell you what’s in it. I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

IMG_4385 web

IMG_4657r web

Jam__100r bw web

Don’t you just love their attitude!

Jam__094r web

IMG_4158r web

IMG_4014r web

Chocolate Fondue at Sunset…amazing.

Jam__086r web

This is Alecia. She has a killer smile too.  🙂

Jam__194r web

This is super happy Charles.  He has a small injury from football  🙂

Jam__191r web

This is Garry.  He is so uplifting and always wore a big smile no matter when we saw him.

Jam__248r web

IMG_4063r web

IMG_3950r web

Yes, I do realize that my goggles are on upside down. You can’t take the nerd out of this girl.

IMG_4594r web

IMG_4678r web

IMG_4816r web

Good-bye Jamaica, we will be back for sure.  Can’t wait!  As I’m typing this from here in Leduc, Alberta, Canada there is a snow/wind storm outside my window and I’m peeling from my sunburn.  But, NO PROBLEM! 🙂

Read more about our time at “Couples Negril” in Part Two by clicking HERE.


  • megan

    Wow!!! Love the photos Christine! That place looks absolutely breath-taking beautiful! Looks like such a fun place too. The people, food, weather, aura….
    So glad you and Jamie finally got a couples trip away from the hussle and bussle of everyday life.

  • Sarah

    I’m so happy that YOU were so happy! It looks like a fabulous holiday, full of love and joy. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • andrea conway

    Christina – Your blog came up in my daily google search, thank goodness. I absolutely covet the words and images you used to describe your holiday. It is exactly what we want to portrait to others whose interest is peaked and they need to know, “why should I go to Couples Resorts?” I hope you don’t mind that I am sharing with this with our internal teams and CNG management. Thanks again, I think you will hearing from us again soon. If anything, we look forward to welcoming you home again soon.

  • MA

    Chrissy – your pictures are beautiful !! Looks like yous’ had a great time – maybe a second honeymoon ?? Missing our kids muchly !! Just too quiet today !! We have always wanted to do Jamaica !! Luv yas’ !!!!!!!!!!

  • admin

    Thank you everyone! We had a wonderful holiday!

    Andrea, please share away! We are singing the praises of Couples Negril, we had a blissful holiday and we were treated so good during our stay. We can not wait to come back 🙂

  • Randymon

    Hi Christine,

    Normally, I would not post links to a commercial website on our message board. If you don’t mind, I would like to do so this time. We all love your commentary and photos. Almost a travel journal and this is the way we are heading with some of our new collateral.

    Now, we just need to you to visit CSA, CTI and CSS… 🙂

    Randy Russell, aka Randymon

  • admin

    Absolutely, feel free to share it on the message board! We would love to visit your other resorts…send us and I will click away! lol 🙂

  • Connie Mitchelmore

    Chrissie!!! They are great pictures. I was so anxious for you to get back to see your pictures!! You capture the Jamaican way of life perfectly. Now you know why we have been there 4 times!!

  • pmmslm

    Christine – we have been to CN three blissful times and are returning again in July! You captured our special places and people – and gave me a spectacular 5 minute holiday here at my desk at work!!! Thank you for sharing – you have a special gift yourself with your camera “eye”. Wish you were closer to diary OUR liveslike this.

  • Adrian

    Gorgeous pictures, Christine. You’ve really managed captured my island home. The Negril part of it anyway :). I’m sorry we didn’t meet up while you were here, but perhaps next time. Hope that tan hasn’t worn off completely yet.

  • admin

    Thanks Kyla (now go book a trip to Jamaica for you and Tim) 🙂

    Thanks Adrian, that means a lot considering you live there 🙂 Yes, absolutely I would love to meet up next time we are there. I will definitely be back! P.S. One of the people I met there said she saw your commercials and loves them!

  • Angie

    I’m sitting here in Tulsa with 38 days until my next trip to Couples Tower Isle, tears streaming down my face because I miss Jamaica so much. You captured it so well. The Jamaican people are beautiful and friendly and genuinely warm. Very nice work! Thanks for sharing this on the Couples message board – best pix ever!

  • Brian_Mendy

    Absolutely INCREDIBLE pictures and narrative!!! We visited Sans Souci in November 2009, booked CSA for November 2010 and just recently booked CN for November 2011. Your pictures have us SO excited that we chose CN!!! Thank you so much for a little slice of heaven to look at in anticipation of the real thing!

  • Christine Hopaluk

    Thank you Angie, I get it now why people fall in love with Jamaica.
    Brian, you will have to let me know which Couples you prefer after trying three of them. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else beside CN, but I’m intrigued by all of the Couples Resorts. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Kathy

    Your photos are AMAZING, what a wonderful spin you put on most of them. We have been going to Couples resorts for 12 years straight, we NEVER tire of it. I hope you too will be come Repeaters.

    • Christine Hopaluk

      Thank you for your comment Kathy! I hope to become a repeater, we haven’t been able to go back unfortunately, but I think about it often. I can’t believe how much I fell in love with that place. We will get back there…someday! Enjoy your future trips Kathy. 🙂

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