6 months of Sawyer

Little Sawyer is growing up so fast!  It seems like only yesterday we met at the park to capture the perfect little bundle that is Sawyer and then again just before Christmas to celebrate 3 months.  Now he’s 6 months old!

Let me tell you a bit about Sawyer at this stage.  He is so funny…like, really funny.  He notices everything around him, and never holds back on his emotions!  He’s sitting up now, and gets so excited and wrapped up in the moment that he launches himself forward without any warning.  He’s curious and with great enthusiasm he investigates all the sights, textures and sounds around him.  Such a fun age!

His 6 month birthday fell on St. Patrick’s day.  So in celebration of this lucky milestone, I’ll start with these images!

4__368 web

4__411 web

Not sure how Sawyer feels about St. Patrick’s day?!

4__410 web

4__150 web

4__098bw web

4__094bw web

4__201 web

4__222 web

4__285 web

4__282 web

4__279 web

4__249 web

4__301 web

4__312 web

4__306bw web

Happy 6 months Sawyer!  I’m excited to capture your next milestone 🙂


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