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Tawny’s Spirit

Amy and I jumped at the opportunity to capture Tawny’s spirit.  Tawny is one of those people that light up a room when she enters.  She is reflective, passionate, vivacious, but also carries with her a peaceful demeanor that just puts others at ease.

These pictures signify a place that she has come from, but most importantly a future that she is embracing with a spirit of promise and enduring power.  The blanket of clean fresh snow represents the new, the tree represents a time in her past, and the red is all about empowerment .

This is Tawny’s Spirit.

TS__001 web

TS__092 web

TS__159 web

TS__154 web

TS__189 web

TS__255 web

TS__240 web

TS__261 web

TS__315 web

TS__273 web

TS__361 web

TS__330 web

TS__368 web

Thank you Tawny for sharing your beautiful spirit with us!

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To see Amy’s capture of Tawny’s Spirit, please visit her post here.


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