Sweet Little S.

Welcome to the world sweet little S.!  She made a 4 week early appearance, but weighed 6 pounds, 9 oz.  She’s now 10 days old.  Her parents are so gentle with her and are totally head over heals in love with their perfect little miracle.  Thank you so much for having me out to capture her sweetness.  I’m totally smitten with her.

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N__294 web

N__003 web

N__253bw web

N__006 web

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N__083bw web
As we were having coffee, I noticed what a great kitchen table they had to reflect their beautiful connection.  Before you know it, those tiny fingers will be making little finger prints all over it!

N__077bw web

N__044 web

N__055 web

N__152 web

N__148 web


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