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Enchanted with A.

You may remember this family from other posts.   I had the honour and pleasure of photographing the next exciting chapter in their family story.  Little A. is soon going to be a big sister.

I’m completely enchanted with little A.  Let me tell you a little something about A.

She is silly.

M__043 web

She is coy.

M__040 web

She’s loves wearing Mom’s lipstick equally as much as she loves frogs.

M__622 web

She is curious.

M__425 web

She is absolutely adorable!

M__282 web

You can feel the love within this family with every game and exchange that naturally happens between them.

family triptych web

They are soon going to welcome another love into their lives.

M__442 web

M__439bw web

M__320 web

I’m sure this family can handle a little more energy thrown their way!

M__354bw web

M__524 web

M__420 web

M__457 web

M__317 web

Congratulations!  I am so excited for your family and looking forward to meeting the next curious enchanting little soul 🙂


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