Dora Hair

My little girl got a hair cut today.

Last September, I decided to grow out her bangs.

Tessa__before web
Taken September, 2008.

Her hair has grown so fast over these past few months, her bangs are passed her chin now.  But doing her hair has been a source of tears at times as it’s gotten so long and unruly!  It was time for a hair cut!

Tessa before web

I told her that she would get a “Dora the Explorer” hair cut and she was all for it.  When we got to the salon, I had changed my mind to giving her a shoulder length bob.  I asked my fabulous hairdresser Julie how long her hair had to be to donate it to cancer.  She measured her hair and said it was long enough if we gave her a nice little bob.

It was tough watching as the scissors cut through her long beautiful 9 inches of braided hair, but we were so happy that her hair will be going to someone else now.

Here is my little Miss T. with her new hair do.  She looks so grown up.  My baby is growing up.

As for little Miss T., she didn’t mind getting her hair cut as long as she got a sucker at the end of it.  She likes her Dora Hair.

july7__024 web

july7__015 web

july7__016 web

july7__039bw web

july7__044bw web


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