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Celebrating 1 Year with a Cake Smashing!

Meet Maya.

2__274 web

You may remember her since I just posted about her a few minutes ago lovin’ the swing set.

Maya is sweet, sensitive, and full of smiles.  Most importantly, today she turns 1!!!

2__248 web

2__223 web

Meet Maya’s lovely parents.

2__059bw web

They can’t get enough of Maya.

2__174 web

2__182 web

2__163 web

2__134 web

2__138 web

Now, onto the cake smashing.  Thank you once again to Penny Zulke for making another fabulous cake!

The session started with a Naked baby, and ended with a naked baby.

2__448bw web

Time to get the tutu on, and let her loose!

2__454 web

2__461 web

2__471 web

2__499 web

2__516 web

Off with the tutu and time to really dig in…

2__555 web

Not only did she eat her 1 year cake, she also sat on it…

2__565 web

2__579 web

2__584 web

Happy Birthday pretty girl!



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