Love at Sunset

I have always wanted to take pictures of a couple at sunset, and these images have been floating around in my head for years.  Like my Whyte Ave pictures I decided to make these pictures happen, and the right people would come to me to help me with these projects.  Megan heard that I was looking for a model for some pictures, and volunteered to help me out.  I asked Megan if she also wanted to volunteer her boyfriend for my Love at Sunset pictures (yes, her boyfriend was volun-told) and she agreed.  I am so happy she contacted me, because they were absolutely perfect for these pictures.

Just as we began the shoot, the clouds rolled in covering my much needed sun and I was doubtful I was going to get the pictures I wanted!  The sun finally make an appearance for a few minutes and I clicked off as many pictures as my 8GB card would hold.  Although it wasn’t the most glorious sunset I have seen, it produced the lighting I was after.  I sorted through them last night, and I could hardly sleep thinking about working on them (yes, it has now been established that I’m a geek).

So here are a few…more to come!  Thank you Megan and Brad for being such great models!


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